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What is busbar processing machine?

“Busbar processing machine” is a special equipment used for the manufacturing and processing of busbars in the electrical industry. Busbars are conductive strips or strips, usually made of copper or aluminum, used to distribute electrical power within switchboards, switchgear and other distribution systems. Busbar processing machines simplify the manufacturing process of these important components.

The busbar processing machine has busbar bending, punching, cutting and embossing processing functions, so the busbar processing machine is also called a busbar bending, punching and cutting machine. Because it processes sheet metal, it is also called a busbar fabrication machine. As the electrical industry’s requirements for busbar accuracy and efficiency increase, the busbar processing machine is designed with a CNC control system and CAD/CAM system, allowing the operator to set the required bending angle and other parameters, and supports drawing import and one-click setting, so at the same time It is called CNC busbar machine.

What are the benefits of busbar processing machine?

Busbar processing machines offer several benefits in terms of efficiency, precision, and overall improvement in the manufacturing process of busbars for electrical applications. Here are some key advantages:

1. **Time and Labor Savings:** Busbar processing machines automate tasks such as cutting, punching, and bending, significantly reducing the time and labor required for manual operations. This leads to increased overall productivity.

2. **High Precision:** These machines are equipped with precision tools and controls, ensuring accurate and consistent processing of busbars. Precision is critical to maintaining the quality and reliability of electrical connections within panels.

3. **Versatility:** Busbar processing machines are often designed to handle various tasks such as cutting, punching, and bending in a single unit, providing versatility in manufacturing processes. This flexibility allows for the production of different busbar configurations.

4. **Programmability:** Advanced busbar processing machines come with programmable controls, enabling operators to input specific dimensions, shapes, and processing requirements. This feature enhances adaptability to different project specifications.

5. **Reduced Material Waste:** The precision and accuracy of these machines contribute to minimizing material waste. Busbars are processed with high efficiency, reducing the likelihood of errors that could result in scrap or rework.

6. **Quick Setup and Changeovers:** Busbar processing machines are designed for quick setup and changeovers between different processing tasks. This feature enhances operational flexibility, allowing manufacturers to adapt to changing production requirements swiftly.

7. **Increased Safety:** These machines often come with safety features such as guards, emergency stops, and sensors to protect operators from potential hazards during the processing operations. Automation also reduces the need for manual handling of heavy materials, enhancing workplace safety.

8. **Consistent Quality:** Busbar processing machines contribute to maintaining consistent quality across batches of busbars. This is crucial for ensuring the reliability and performance of electrical panels and components in the field.

9. **Cost Efficiency:** While the initial investment in a busbar processing machine may be significant, the long-term cost savings in terms of reduced labor, material waste, and increased efficiency contribute to overall cost-effectiveness.

10. **Streamlined Production:** Integration of cutting, punching, and bending functions in a single machine streamlines the production process, reducing the need for multiple pieces of equipment and manual interventions.

In summary, busbar processing machines offer a range of benefits that enhance efficiency, precision, and safety in the manufacturing of busbars. These advantages contribute to overall improvements in the quality and cost-effectiveness of electrical systems.

What is functions of busbar processing machine?

The busbar processing machine has processing functions such as busbar bending, punching, cutting and embossing. With the development of the electrical industry and computers, the busbar processing machine is designed with a CNC control system and CAD/CAM system, allowing the operator to set the required bending Angle and other parameters support drawing import and one-click setting, which is characterized by high efficiency and high precision.

How much does the busbar processing machine cost?

The price of busbar processing machine depends on the equipment function and degree of automation. Busbar processing machine for sale in China, the price range of aluminum busbar machines ranges from US$700 to US$11,500, and the prices vary greatly.

The 3 in 1 busbar machine is a semi-automatic busbar bending machine equipped with a CNC control system that supports busbar bending, punching and cutting. It can achieve a variety of busbar processing by changing the mold. The price ranges from US$4,900 to US$6,500. between.

The hydraulic busbar machine is a manually operated busbar machine driven by an electric hydraulic pump. It is an integrated version of a portable busbar bending tool, a portable busbar punching tool and a portable busbar cutting tool. The price ranges from US$700 to US$1,200.

The CNC busbar bending machine is an automatic CNC busbar machine. It consists of a busbar bending mechanism, a CNC control system and a material transportation device. It is equipped with the company’s independently developed CAD/CAM system, which supports drawing import and one-click setting, with high efficiency. and automated features. Prices range from US$9,500 to US$11,500.

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  • In addition to busbar machine, do you provide busbar mould?

    We usually give away some busbar molds, including bending, cutting, punching and embossing, etc. If you have special busbar mold requirements, we can customize them for you, with prices ranging from US$40 to US$100.

  • What is the voltage of the machine?

    The standard voltage is 3 phase, 220 V, 60 Hz. The voltage can be customized as per customer’s requirements.

  • What is the lead time?

    This depends on our inventory availability and the complexity of the busbar machine. Normally, it takes up to 3 days if we have suitable busbars in stock, and for busbar machines that need to be manufactured from start to finish, we usually take about 7 to 15 days. For complex machines or busbar production lines, we need about 20 to 30 days.

  • What is your warranty policy?

    We provide 12 monthly warranty under proper use. will provide remote assistance and send free replacement parts under the warranty period.

  • What is your payment terms?

    Our payment term is 30% advance payment and 70% balance payment before shipment.

  • Can you send engineers overseas to perform on-site installation, training or testing services?

    All machines will be tested and debugged before shipment. In principle, we only provide remote debugging services and remote technical assistance. If it is a busbar production line, we will have technicians on-site for on-site service.

  • Can we visit your factory or conduct an on-site inspection?

    We very much welcome customers to visit and inspect the factory. Please contact our sales manager Lisa (Email: lisa@busbarmachine.co) and tell us your schedule. We will send you a formal business invitation letter.

  • Can I become a distributor of your factory in our country?

    We very much welcome you to apply to become our busbar machine distributor and jointly develop overseas markets. We will provide generous sales commissions and additional cash incentives. For specific cooperation content and methods, please contact our CEO Robin (Email: ceo@busbarmachine.co).