transformer coil winding machine

Transformer coil winding machine is a piece of equipment specially designed for automatic or semi-automatic winding of transformer coils. The SunShine® coil winder machine is capable of handling a variety of wire materials, including copper and aluminum wire, as well as manufacturing one of the main components of a transformer: the transformer coil. SunShine busbar machine manufacturing company manufacture cnc automatic coil winding machine with precise control over winding, tension, traversing and de-spooling. The highly controlled and monitored coil winding process ensures the production of high quality coils.

Multi-speed, large capacity, high torque transformer coil winding machine

The SunShine® TCWM series transformer coil winding machine provides four spindle speeds and corresponding coil loads, and can wind light, medium and heavy-duty coils at high speed. We offer a variety of options with varying sizes and features to provide effective and efficient coil winding for motors, solenoids, transformers and other coil types.


Four models are available:
TCWM-1T: Maximum coil load 1000kg, spindle speed 0-100r/min
TCWM-2T: Maximum coil load 2000kg, spindle speed 0-80r/min
TCWM-3T: Maximum coil load 3000kg, spindle speed 0-50r/min
TCWM-5T: Maximum coil load 5000kg, spindle speed 0-30r/min

  • Four speed ranges with variable speed within each range
  • Easily adapts to high speed winding of light, medium and heavy duty coils
  • PLC controlled coil winding machine that saves cost and time when performing complex coil winding
  • Error-free and consistent high-speed wound coils
  • Ensure the consistency of distance between layers and tightness of coils
  • Precise control of winding, tension, traversing and de-spooling ensures the production of high-quality coils.

Motor Equipment: Our transformer winding machine customers can choose 4KW, 5.5KW and 7.5KW AC motors with variable speed, foot control and vector drive according to the maximum coil load.

Primary Reduction: Belt and pulley

Secondary Reduction: Four speed gearbox

Center Height750mm800mm1200mm1200mm
Faceplate Diameter260mm300mm300mm400mm
Spindle Length1100mm1300mm1300mm1300mm
Spindle Speed (r/min)0-100r/min0-80r/min0-50r/min0-30r/min
Wire Mold Length (mm)1200mm1250mm1300mm1300mm
Max. load1000kg2000kg3000kg5000kg
Motor Power4KW5.5KW5.5KW7.5KW

Power Requirement

The default voltage of our equipment is 220V 50HZ three-phase power. If the power supply voltage requirement in your location is 180V, 380V or 440V, please confirm with our sales staff when placing an order. We can customize equipment with different power supply voltages.

Coil winding machine test machine video

Equipment Performance

The performance of the transformer coil winding machine directly affects the effectiveness of the winding machine in the transformer manufacturing process and the quality of the final product. SunShine® transformer winding machines have strong performance features: high precision, high efficiency, reliable quality, high applicability and user-friendliness.

  • High precision: SunShine® TCWM series coil winding equipment has more even winding and consistent layer spacing, which can reduce electrical performance differences and improve the overall performance and reliability of the transformer.
  • High efficiency: SunShine® TCWM series transformer winding machine is equipped with a CNC control system, with a higher degree of automation, 4 speed ranges, variable speed within each range, and a maximum winding speed of 100r/min. Users can adjust the setting time through the HIM mobile panel, complete complex winding tasks in a shorter time, and improve productivity.
  • Reliable: Relying on our patented technology, our machines are more durable, require less frequent maintenance, and can operate under high loads. SunShine®’s high-reliability winding machine reduces maintenance costs and the risk of production interruption, and to a certain extent eliminates the problem of difficult maintenance of equipment purchased overseas by customers.
  • Applicability: The SunShine® coil winding machine is capable of handling different types and sizes of transformer coils, with flexible adjustments to provide an effective and efficient coil winding method for motors, solenoids, transformers and other coil types. It can wind light and medium-sized at high speeds and heavy-duty coils to meet diverse production needs, increasing their value in a variety of applications.
  • User-friendliness: The SunShine® coil winder machine is equipped with a HIM mobile panel and an easy-to-understand control interface, making maintenance more convenient and minimizing the need for operator training, greatly improving the operator’s operating efficiency and reducing operating errors.

Equipment Structure

The transformer coil winding machine is mainly composed of an electric drive system responsible for driving the rotation of the winding shaft and controlling the winding speed and direction, the winding shaft, the CNC control system, the HIM mobile panel, as well as the base and frame.


SunShine®: Leading China transformer winding machine manufacturer

SunShine® has successfully established its market position as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of transformer coil winding machines and automatic transformer winding equipment. We strictly adhere to quality, efficiency, safety, durability and precision standards to ensure the best coil winding industrial solutions for our customers.

Machine Options

  • Multi-wire guide assembly
  • Pulleys for square and rectangular wire
  • Automatic run
  • Longer or shorter machine length
  • Heavy-duty tailstock
  • Precise control of winding, tension, traversing and de-spooling ensures the production of high-quality coils.
  • Winding area guard
  • Paper insulation dereeler/tensioners
  • Multiple coil winding
  • Custom modifications for special applications

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Coil winding machine manufactured by SunShine® provide precise control of winding, tension, traversing and de-spooling. SunShine® offers automatic transformer coil winding machine in various speed and torque ranges, with more coil winding methods, for error-free and consistent winding of light, medium and heavy duty coils at high speeds.


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