Portable Busbar Machine

Portable busbar machine, also known as hydraulic busbar processing machine, is the best choice for on-site processing of busbar bending, cutting, punching, embossing, etc. It is mainly used in any engineering construction in the fields of power systems, electrical equipment, etc. The hydraulic busbar machine has the characteristics of small size and easy operation.

SunShine Busbar Machine Manufacturing Company is a reliable portable hydraulic busbar machine manufacturer and supplier, offering a range of portable busbar processing machines for busbar bending, punching and cutting, including portable hydraulic busbar bending machine, portable hydraulic busbar punching machine Hole machine and portable hydraulic copper and aluminum busbar cutting machine.

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portable hydraulic Busbar Machine Factory and Supplier

portable busbar bending machine

Single acting spring return

Single acting design with high strength spring return.

Angular tick design

Etched degrees allow for precise bending to the desired angle, bending copper and aluminum busbars from 0° – 90° without overdoing.

Positioning guide rail to ensure bending accuracy

Two adjustable parallel bend positioning guides ensure bending without twisting.

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Hydraulic Busbar Cutting Machine

Unilateral structure patented design

Unilateral structure, high cutting power, but no waste of material.

High hardness blade

The blade is forged and finely ground from alloy tool steel, with neat cuts, no burrs, and no deformation.

Flat base for smooth operation

The flat base design makes the punching operation more stable and the error smaller.

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portable busbar punching machine

Pressure mechanism design

The design of the pressing mechanism enables fast punching, high punching accuracy, and no burrs in punching.

4 pairs of standard die configurations

4 pairs of punching dies are provided as standard, samples and drawings can be provided, and the punching dies can be customized.

Can be used in places without power supply

You can choose a hydraulic pump or a manual pump as power, and can be used in places without power supply.

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Hydraulic 3 in 1 Busbar Machine

Portable assembly busbar machine

High flexibility, small size, high power, high production capacity and high work efficiency.

Humanized operation design

The safe and secure foot switch can control oil inlet and oil return. Low noise, harmless treatment.

3-in-1 busbar bending, cutting and punching function

Integrated busbar bending, cutting and punching design, small size and easy to carry.

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busbar fabrication sample display

SUNSHINE® focuses on providing busbar customers with solutions for busbar bending, cutting, punching, embossing and twisting, and supports customer busbar mold and busbar machine function (PLC) customization.

Customer busbar machine application showcase

As high-quality portable busbar machine manufacturer and factory in China, SUNSHINE® has 20 years of copper busbar punching machine manufacturing experience. We customize busbar fabrication processing solutions such as bending, cutting, and punching for customers, which are well received by customers in Southeast Asia and South America.

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News and Updates

We are updating the product technical knowledge related to busbar machines every day to help customers solve all problems encountered in busbar machine operation and busbar processing.

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Quickly review your requirement and deliver professional technical solutions efficiently!We listen and we care your needs,Our people will get in touch with you by email and phone calls in 24 hours.

  • Where to buy reliable quality busbar machine?

    We are a China busbar machine manufacturer and factory. Please contact our sales manager Lisa (Email: lisa@busbarmachine.co) and provide busbar drawings or product samples. We will evaluate and make the best recommended product or product for you. Busbar machine customization (function or PLC), and complete technical quotation provided.

  • With imited budget, which model of busbar machine to buy?

    SUNSHINE has economical busbar machines and high-performance automatic CNC busbar machines, and can customize technical quotation plans according to the customer’s production site, busbar processing requirements and capital budget. Please contact our professional sales manager Lisa (Email: lisa@busbarmachine.co) for technical support and quotation services.

  • In addition to busbar machine, do you provide busbar mould?

    We usually give away some busbar molds, including bending, cutting, punching and embossing, etc. If you have special busbar mold requirements, we can customize them for you, with prices ranging from US$40 to US$100.

  • What is the voltage of the machine?

    The standard voltage is 3 phase, 220 V, 60 Hz. The voltage can be customized as per customer’s requirements.

  • What is the lead time?

    This depends on our inventory availability and the complexity of the busbar machine. Normally, it takes up to 3 days if we have suitable busbars in stock, and for busbar machines that need to be manufactured from start to finish, we usually take about 7 to 15 days. For complex machines or busbar production lines, we need about 20 to 30 days.

  • What is your warranty policy?

    We provide 12 monthly warranty under proper use. will provide remote assistance and send free replacement parts under the warranty period.

  • What is your payment terms?

    Our payment term is 30% advance payment and 70% balance payment before shipment.

  • Can you send engineers overseas to perform on-site installation, training or testing services?

    All machines will be tested and debugged before shipment. In principle, we only provide remote debugging services and remote technical assistance. If it is a busbar production line, we will have technicians on-site for on-site service.

  • Can we visit your factory or conduct an on-site inspection?

    We very much welcome customers to visit and inspect the factory. Please contact our sales manager Lisa (Email: lisa@busbarmachine.co) and tell us your schedule. We will send you a formal business invitation letter.

  • Can I become a distributor of your factory in our country?

    We very much welcome you to apply to become our busbar machine distributor and jointly develop overseas markets. We will provide generous sales commissions and additional cash incentives. For specific cooperation content and methods, please contact our CEO Robin (Email: ceo@busbarmachine.co).